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Adorbz Bunny Bouquet


"Adorable Bunny Delight" Balloon Set:

Bring a burst of whimsical charm to your celebrations with our "Adorable Bunny Delight" Balloon Set. This delightful package includes:

  1. 1x Giant Cute Bunny Foil Balloon: This larger-than-life bunny balloon is the star of the show. With its adorable expression and impressive size, it's sure to capture hearts and spread smiles.

  2. 6x Coordinated Color Scheme Standard Balloons: Elevate the fun with a harmonious array of six standard balloons, carefully selected to match the theme. These balloons add a pop of color and playfulness to your décor.

  3. 1x Confetti Balloon to Match: What's a celebration without a sprinkle of confetti magic? Our confetti-filled balloon perfectly complements the set, adding a touch of sparkle and excitement.

With the "Adorable Bunny Delight" Balloon Set, you're not just getting balloons – you're getting an experience that radiates joy and enchantment. Whether it's a birthday bash, a baby shower, or a simple gathering with loved ones, this set is your ticket to creating memories that are as delightful as they are unforgettable. Let the bunny bounce and the balloons soar, as your event transforms into a magical wonderland of cuteness and colour.