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The Elegance Trio With Tassels


"Good Things Come in 3's"

The Elegance Trio balloon set, featuring our top three most popular balloons all in one package! We understand the importance of matching your color scheme, so our talented balloon stylists are ready to create a stunning display that will truly make your event pop. These balloons are not only visually impressive but also perfect for capturing those insta-worthy images. They will float boldly and elegantly, adding a touch of charm from behind the scenes.

To make your event even more special, we offer personalized options. You can have any desired writing or personalization added to the balloons, creating a unique and personalized touch.

These versatile balloons can be positioned strategically next to your cake table, welcome sign, bar, or any other empty areas that you wish to elevate with our glamorous balloons. They also make for a fantastic celebration gift that is sure to impress. 

  • 1x Jumbo Clear Personalised Balloon + 3 Tassels
  • 1x Jumbo Clear Latex + Confetti + 3 Tassels
  • 1x Medium Metallic Orbz + 3 Tassels 


Our balloons are designed to fit various types of vehicles, ensuring convenience and flexibility for transportation. Here are the specifications for different car types:

  1. Hatchback: You can fit the balloons in a hatchback car with a maximum of 1 passenger. However, please make sure that the back seats and the back boot are emptied to accommodate the balloons.

  2. Sedan: For sedan cars, it is recommended to have no passengers inside the vehicle. This allows sufficient space for the balloons. Similarly, ensure that the seats are empty.

  3. SUV: The SUV offers a bit more space. You can have up to 2 passengers in the car while still accommodating the balloons. It is necessary to empty the back seats for proper placement of the balloons. If your SUV has a back boot that can be pulled down, it's a bonus as it provides additional space for the balloons.

If you have a baby seat installed in the SUV, you can have 1 passenger in addition to the baby seat. However, it is important to empty the back seat to make room for the balloons.

Please note that these guidelines ensure the optimal fitting of the balloons while prioritizing safety and comfort during transportation.

*Colours/items are subject to availability. If a colour/item is out of stock, it will substituted with another colour/item within the colour scheme.