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‘GRAB N GO’ Inflated Themed Balloon Garland

$200.00 $300.00

Convenient "GRAB N GO" Balloon Garland!

Skip the hassle of balloon decorating – our team has created FUN STYLED garland for your kid's themed party or special occasions. We offer a variety of balloon sizes, from small to medium, all in lively, theme-appropriate colours that will add a magical touch to your event. Each themed balloon garland includes strings and tapes for easy attachment to backdrops or walls. And the best part? No prior experience is required!

Say goodbye to tedious balloon inflation and arrangement. Our garland streamlines your decorating, letting you focus on other event preparations. Just grab it and turn your space into a stunning visual wonderland.

Plus, our portable Themed Balloon Garland ensures fun and memorable moments anywhere. Capture enchanting memories at your hall, ourdoor space or various locations during your child's special day. It's the ultimate backdrop accessory for dazzling photo opportunities.

Our balloons are designed to fit different types of vehicles, ensuring convenience and flexibility for transportation. Here are the specifications for each car type:

  1. Hatchback: In a hatchback car, it is recommended to have no passengers inside the vehicle. Make sure all seats are emptied to accommodate the balloons properly.

  2. Sedan: For sedan cars, it is advised to have no passengers inside the vehicle. Ensure that all seats are emptied to create sufficient space for the balloons.

  3. SUV: The SUV offers a bit more space. You can have up to 2 passengers in the car while still accommodating the balloons. It is necessary to empty the back seats for proper placement of the balloons. If your SUV has a back boot that can be pulled down, it's a bonus as it provides additional space for the balloons.

If you have a baby seat installed in the SUV, you can have 1 passenger in addition to the baby seat. However, it is important to empty the back seat to make room for the balloons.

Please note that these guidelines ensure the optimal fitting of the balloons while prioritizing safety and comfort during transportation.

Tell us your theme, and we will get the magic started!