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Puff and Pop by Tema from Weekend Notes

Puff and Pop by Tema from Weekend Notes

Photo by Fatema Sitabkhan

It was only two years ago that we were celebrating the launch of the first installation of balloon studio Puff and Pop in Seaton, but in those two years, there have been so many milestones and achievements that a bigger store was bound to come into play!

Owned by social worker-turned-balloon stylist Ivy Bui, this unique and innovative concept of redefining the events industry has catapulted to success, with its iconic balloon garlands and installations that not only leave its customers speechless, but also are an abundant source of happiness. Setting up their new space in Findon, the balloon paradise incorporates a range of fancy yet affordable little tools that will accentuate your next event and also includes Adelaide's first-ever Balloon Bar, where customers can choose their colour palette to suit the theme of their event.

Ahead of the public launch of the store on November 11, 2021, I was fortunate enough to regroup with Ivy, where she showed me around and let me have a sneak peek. We also chatted about the new store, reflected on the achievements thus far, and discussed plans around revitalising and expanding the concept of Puff and Pop over the next few years - have a read of our exchange below:

Tema: Congratulations on the new space, Ivy! What an exciting development for the business! How are you feeling about launching your retail show space in a few week's time?
Ivy: So surreal! But it's finally here. My hobby dream, my baby is now embarking on a new journey with a new opportunity where we can make this showroom available to the public and serve more customers!

Photo by Fatema Sitabkhan
Tema: What made you decide to expand your business?
Ivy: It's always been my hobby over the last five years, but as the business has grown over the years, the old location became far too limited with space and parking was a big issue. So, we were unable to maximise our potential or the full range of products/services on offer. With the new space at Findon, we have a brand new fit-out, complete with added space, access, and convenience with onsite parking. We are also thrilled to be showcasing our more unique, exciting products and services, where customers can see and feel from the retail showroom. To top it all off, we have also set up an online shop that is now fully operational, so customers can order delivery anywhere across Adelaide and in Australia.

Tema: Since last speaking to you, can you please tell us what has changed in the last two years?
Ivy: Certainly! We have expanded our range to be more unique and exclusive with our merchandise. More importantly, our team is more dedicated & committed to offering that memorable experience for every occasion with the highest possible standards and attention to details.

Tema: So tell us a bit about your new space - what is it about the new location that attracted you to it?
Ivy: It's double the floor space of the previous location and offers ample onsite parking as well as side street parking that's minutes away from the studio. We have also. opted to go for a simple, modern and contemporary look in a quieter location, whilst still being minutes away from local amenities and the CBD, which means we can easily cater to customers all over Adelaide metro areas (and not just the Western suburbs).

Tema: Let's delve into the new feature that you have installed in your space - the Balloon Bar! How did that come about?
Ivy: Yes, Balloon Bar is one of the most outstanding, unique features. It not only looks good and vibes with our aesthetics, but it is a fun and exciting way for customers to pick and choose their own balloons and colours to create that one-of-a-kind and personal experience, in addition to adding a touch of excitement!
It was certainly not an easy task designing and sourcing these as everything was custom-made to our design. And with COVID-19, there were even more problems/delays in material sourcing & shipping. In the end, however, everything worked out and arrived just in time for our launch event which is scheduled to happen on November 11th 2021.
Photo by Fatema Sitabkhan
Tema: Do you exclusively focus on balloon installations or are there other services offered by Puff and Pop?
Ivy: At this stage, we aim to do really well balloons installations exclusively and through our online shop. You'll also notice a variety of partyware items with fun designs and ideas to add that extra flavour to your events. In the future, we hope to be able to get to a point where there can be complementary services that can be considered, which would make our customers' experience even more seamless and truly one-stop shop for event planning.

Photo by Fatema Sitabkhan
Tema: What do you hope for your customers to experience when using the services you have on offer?
Ivy: I would love for our clients to experience a sense of exclusivity and uniqueness that is expressed through our products and services. I would love for our clients to have the opportunity to create memorable moments so that every single event or occasion they hire us for is truly special. I would also love to take away the stress around planning/organising events for my customers, because that's a huge part of what we do (and why we do it) - to allow for a relatively smooth events showcase.

Tema: What would you say has been your biggest business achievement to date?
Ivy: The expansion to the new, bigger retail space will allow us to serve more customers onsite and our online shop will help with reaching and serving customers Australia-wide. Having a reputable retail presence helps build credibility and trust.
Puff and Pop works have been loved and trusted by Westfield/Scentre group, Intercontinental, Swarovski, Singapore Airlines, Uni of SA, Girl About Town, David Jones, Morphettville, and many more.
Photo by Fatema Sitabkhan

Tema: Reflecting on the last two years and everything you've learnt as a small business, what do you hope to achieve with the expansion of your business?
Ivy: I would like to take my baby business to a point where we become to be known as THE party planner/organiser of choice - striving to make every experience/event unique, enjoyable & memorable and stress-free. I hope that Puff and Pop can serve customers around Australia with the DIY party packs/merchandise for those who are outside of Adelaide.

Tema: What do you think makes what Puff and Pop offers a truly unique experience?
Ivy: Our philosophy is centred around realising the customer's vision in a stress-free context. The ultimate aim/result is made possible by a team of creative, passionate & dedicated individuals. offering unique, high-quality products at great value with modern, unique styles.
Photo by Fatema Sitabkhan
Puff and Pop is now located at 274 Findon Road, Findon and will be opening to the public on November 11th, 2021. They will be open by appointment from Tuesdays - Sundays 9am - 5pm.

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Sneak peek of the new store in Findon
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Photo by Fatema Sitabkhan